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Why is it important to apply for second citizenship and second passport through us?

It is important to apply for second citizenship and second passport with New Citizenship, because:

  • We are the most reliable Dominica Government Approved Economic Citizenship Agent
  • We got extraordinary efficient system and highly skilled lawyers and set of professional advisors, who are taking care of your applications and getting you through the whole process, hassle-free.
  • We reduce the cost of telecommunication and unnecessary travels back and forth.
  • We present an application free from mistakes and speed up the process.
  • We assist you on money transfer issues in addition of making payments easier for you.
  • We do all the paper works for you such as notarizing and court issues.
  • Our resident highly skilled and fully experienced lawyers are locally following up the application and immediately responding to the officials queries for and on your behalf.
  • Not to get a refusal from the Government of Dominica.
  • Speed up your application process and passport issues as result of local follow up.
  • To get support and consultations after your obtaining the citizenship and your passport.

As we are expanding across Europe, Canada, and Caribbean countries, please note that we are specialized in and authorized for the following:

  • The legal Government of Dominica Agent.
  • Authorized Representative of government of Antigua and Barbuda for their citizenship and Investment programs
  • The Authorized agent for St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship programme
  • Greece program service provider for residency program.
  • Cyprus residence program service provider.

We are providing the services for residency and citizenship for the investor immigrant as offered by the governments of the related countries.

We are officially recognized immigration and investment program representatives and agents.

We believe in protecting our clients’ privacy and confidentiality, and providing them professional assistance and services by keeping constant updates from beginning to end.

Ever since our business was established, we always had an image of being a professional and reliable firm. It is our commitment that you can depend on us for our services, which have many advantages to our clients.

Freedom is never given, it is WON.

Right Tools. Right Solution. Right Citizenship

We strive hard to provide best new citizenship solutions in time for our clients.



New Citizenship Program Via Investment

Invest Money

Get your New Citizenship by Investment for the countries in our program.


2nd Citizenship Via Getting Residence

Get Residence

Get your 2nd Citizenship by Residence option for the countries in our program.


2nd Passport Via Investing in Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate

Get your 2nd Passport by Investment in Real Estate for the countries in our program.

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We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

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